Helping You Get Started on ENTYVIO

With EntyvioConnect, You Have Access to Dedicated Nurse Support

Managing your condition is easier when you've got someone by your side, like your doctor.

When you enroll in EntyvioConnnect, you'll be paired with a Nurse Educator who will be your go-to for answers and support when you need it.

While your nurse can't give medical advice, they can:

  • Check in regularly to see how you're doing on treatment
  • Answer general questions about your condition and how ENTYVIO works
  • Help you set treatment, health, and lifestyle goals to discuss with your doctor
  • Provide practical tips for managing your condition

Questions? Call us.

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1-844-ENTYVIO (1-844-368-9846)
Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm ET (except holidays).