How ENTYVIO works

ENTYVIO works at the site of the problem: your gut

ENTYVIO is for adults with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis (UC) or Crohn's disease

What causes
ulcerative colitis
and Crohn's disease?

Too many white blood cells in the gut.

Overactive immune system sends
many white blood cells
into the gut

White blood cells causing inflammation.

White blood cells can
cause inflammation

Your immune system uses white blood cells to protect you from infections and other diseases.

In people who have UC or Crohn's, the immune system mistakenly identifies certain parts of your gut as invasive material and sends too many white blood cells to the area.

This causes increased inflammation, which can result in permanent damage to your gut.

How does ENTYVIO help fight inflammation in the gut?

ENTYVIO fighting inflammation in the gut.

ENTYVIO works by blocking a type of
gut-directed, inflammation-causing white blood
cell from entering the gut. This can help control
caused by UC and Crohn’s.

Individual results may vary.

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