Insurance Support

Filling Your Prescription for ENTYVIO May Be a Little Different From What You Are Used To

Since ENTYVIO is a biologic medication that can't be picked up at your local pharmacy, there's a process that must take place before you get started.

You Need to be Approved for Coverage

Your health insurance provider must approve your coverage for ENTYVIO.

  • Benefits Verification—Your doctor's office will work with your insurance company to determine if ENTYVIO is covered.
  • Prior Authorization—Your doctor's office will submit a request to your health insurance company to get approval for you to start treatment with ENTYVIO.

Sign Up for Support

While you're waiting for approval, take a moment to sign up for EntyvioConnect. Our financial and insurance experts can help you navigate your insurance coverage and determine if you are eligible for the ENTYVIO co-pay program which may help you save on out-of-pocket costs.