Administration Information

What's it Like to Have an Intravenous Infusion?

Your healthcare provider will administer ENTYVIO through a needle placed in a vein (IV infusion) in your arm, either at their office, at an infusion center, or in your home. Infusions last approximately 30 minutes. During and after the infusion, your healthcare provider will monitor you for side effects to see if you have a reaction to the treatment.

Here's How it Works

Starting ENTYVIO

ENTYVIO is a biologic medicine that is administered intravenously (IV). After a 6-week starting period, you'll receive maintenance doses every 8 weeks.

Learn more about the treatment plan below.

First Six Weeks

You will receive starting doses of ENTYVIO 300 mg by infusion at Weeks 0, 2, and 6. The infusion takes about 30 minutes.

ENTYVIO® six-week schedule.

First-Year Maintenance

After you complete your starting doses, you'll get one 30-minute infusion every 8 weeks to help keep your disease under control.

First-year maintenance schedule for ENTYVIO®.

Total Number of Doses During the First Year

In the first year, you'll receive 8 doses of ENTYVIO, each infused over 30 minutes—for a total infusion time of approximately 4 hours.

Download the ENTYVIO infusion schedule

Beyond Year 1

After the first year, you will receive 6 infusions per year. That's about 3 total hours per year.

Infusion Locations

Talk with your doctor and insurance provider to determine which locations work best for you.

Infusion locations: doctor's office, infusion center, hospital, at home.