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Intravenous infusion and self-administered injection under the skin (subcutaneous)

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Here's how ENTYVIO works

ENTYVIO is designed to fit your lifestyle, with two ways to administer maintenance therapy: intravenous (IV) infusion or self-administered injection. However, everyone who starts ENTYVIO will have at least two (2) IV starter doses. You and your doctor will discuss whether to continue treatment by IV or to transition to the ENTYVIO Pen for your following doses (known as maintenance doses).

​One ENTYVIO. Two administration options.

Option 1:
IV infusion

  • ENTYVIO IV treatment is administered in an office, infusion center, or at home with medical support
  • A healthcare professional administers ENTYVIO by IV infusion and stays to monitor your treatment
  • The ENTYVIO IV is delivered in the arm and takes about 30 minutes
  • After your starting doses, the infusion is given every 8 weeks

Option 2:

  • The ENTYVIO Pen offers flexibility in your treatment at home or on the go
  • A specialty pharmacy will reach out to you regarding coordination and delivery of the ENTYVIO Pen
  • The ENTYVIO Pen can be administered in 3 different areas on the body
  • After your starting doses, you deliver your treatment every 2 weeks

Talk to your doctor about which option would be the best fit for you.

What are the differences between your options?

Option 1: IV infusion

Regardless of which maintenance dosing option you and your healthcare provider end up choosing, you’ll receive at least 2 starter doses of ENTYVIO by IV infusion.

Your healthcare provider will administer ENTYVIO through a needle placed in a vein in your arm, either at their office, at an infusion center, or in your home. Infusions last approximately 30 minutes. During and after the infusion, your healthcare provider will monitor you for side effects to see if you have a reaction to the treatment.

Starting treatment schedule

You will receive ENTYVIO by infusion at Weeks 0, 2, and 6.

Maintenance schedule

After your initial doses, you will continue to receive ENTYVIO by IV every 8 weeks.

  • In the first year, you'll receive 8 doses of ENTYVIO
  • After the first year, you'll receive 6 doses each year

Total number of doses during the first year

In the first year, you’ll receive 8 doses of ENTYVIO, each infused over 30 minutes, for a total infusion time of approximately 4 hours.


Option 2: Self-administered injection (subcutaneous)

The ENTYVIO Pen supports your therapy at home or on the go.* With the ENTYVIO Pen, ENTYVIO is delivered through an under-the skin (subcutaneous) injection, which can be self-administered in several different areas on the body. Check out the Instructions for Use below for more details, or talk to your healthcare provider—who will also train you on how to use your single-dose, prefilled pen. Before you start using the ENTYVIO Pen, you’ll receive your first two doses of ENTYVIO by IV infusion.

*The prefilled pen can be left out in the original package at room temperature up to 77°F for a total of 7 days. Do not use the prefilled pen if it is left out of the refrigerator for more than 7 days.

How often do you inject ENTYVIO?

After your initial two IV starter doses, you'll inject ENTYVIO every 2 weeks.

Starting treatment schedule

You will receive ENTYVIO by IV infusion at Weeks 0 and 2.

Maintenance schedule

You'll inject ENTYVIO at Week 6 and then every two weeks after that, up to 26 times per year.

Your healthcare provider will determine if it's appropriate to transition to self-administration with ENTYVIO Pen after at least 2 IV doses.

How do you inject the ENTYVIO Pen?

Ask your healthcare provider for more information about injecting the ENTYVIO Pen. For step-by-step instructions, download the Instructions for Use below.


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